Towing companies hard at work after Sunday snow, sleet

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Since the winter weather started, Keg Towing has helped several cars out of a ditch.

"Their hitting slick spots, trying to stop and losing control," said General Manager Gary Mask.

Mask said when winter weather is expected, they prepare before it hits.

"We just make sure our trucks are ready," said Mask. "We make sure everything is fueled up, and make sure we have plenty of stuff on the trucks to do the job when we get out there."

It's been hectic but Mask said these slick streets haven't out done what they covered last month.

"Back in December, we made 56 pulls in three days," said Mask.

Although, side and county roads are where they're mostly called out to, Mask said even main roads have had problems. If you do find yourself stuck in ditch, remember to stay in the car.

"Stay away from the main roads, if you're in that ditch that means somebody else is subject to get there too," said Mask. "We don't want anybody getting hit by a car or anything else."

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