Kennett city council agrees to police chief's sudden decision to leave

Former Police Chief James Paine (Source: Kennett Police Dept.)
Former Police Chief James Paine (Source: Kennett Police Dept.)

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) – The city of Kennett is once again searching for a new police chief.

Chief James Paine, who was sworn in on November 28, 2012, vacated his post Friday, Jan. 31.

According to Mayor Jake Crafton, department heads are expected to give 30-days notice.

However, he said the city council discussed the chief's request during its Thursday meeting and decided to let him go.

Crafton called it a "mutual agreement."

While Paine did had not received any "written discipline," Crafton said the chief "spent a lot of time" traveling between Kennett and Utah where his wife still lives.

"There was a conflict with him being gone," Crafton said.

As to a replacement, Crafton said he had "no idea" when the city council would replace Paine.

He said the police department is operating under current command staff.

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