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RPS to hire vendor to audit school security


Richmond school officials are taking action after NBC12 showed them video of a security breach at a Richmond school. We were first to air a clip of a man setting off a metal detector at Armstrong High School and never being stopped by a security guard.

Officials say they immediately made changes to address that breach, but apparently that wasn't enough. Monday night, the school board gave Richmond Public Schools permission to hire a vendor to do an audit not just of the security at Armstrong, but of every school in the entire district.

We've learned there was shock from School Board Chair Don Coleman as the new superintendent showed him the clip.

"He was disgusted and of course when he shared it with me, my response was 'wait a minute--what are we doing,'" Coleman recalled.

That's the question officials now want answered district-wide. After a conversation with school board members, the administration will put together a request for vendors to audit RPS security. The goal is to look at everything, including metal detectors, security guards, locks, lighting and training.

"Now with the new superintendent he really wants to make this a huge opportunity to really press into looking at the details and making sure we're doing what we need to do," Coleman said.

Some are still wondering how the district will pay for the audit in tight budget times. Coleman says funding to hire the vendor will most likely be included in both the budget being negotiated right now and the next spending plan.

"We want to do this well, get it done, get the protocols in place, get the audit done so that then we can be consistent in continuing just have good, secure schools," he added.

The process to hire a company to do this is quite lengthy. It might be two months before the request goes out to vendors.

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