Crews work around the clock to fix power outages

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – As freezing rain continues to accumulate on power lines, companies such as Craighead Electric Cooperative are working around the clock to fix the power outages. Monty Williams with Craighead Electric said the action all begins with dispatch.

"It's the center of the whole thing because that's where we're getting all the calls in, and where power is out," said Williams. "They're in there trying to figure out where it's out and what's caused it, and then dispatch the lineman out to it."

He said when they know it is coming they're ready for it, but they cross their fingers for anything but freezing rain.

"Sleet just bounces off the wire and it doesn't collect," said Williams. "Snow, depending on if it's wet, can collect on the power line and build up but it's still not as heavy as the freezing rain."

When Mother Nature calls, so do their customers. Williams said before they send out crews they'll send a serviceman to check out the severity of the problem, to see if it's a one man job.

"They'll report back in and say there are three or four broken poles, so we'll send several crews out to fix it," said Williams.

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