Primary Region 8 roads almost clear

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Region 8 bridges and overpasses are still pretty slick, but for the most part, the roads are clear.

District ten of the Arkansas Highway Department covers seven Region 8 counties during winter weather.

District maintenance engineer Alan Walter said the storm hit Lawrence and Greene counties the hardest. But Walter calls the district's response a success.

"The highway department started preparing last week for the latest winter storm," Walter said. "That gave us a chance to get some de-icing chemicals on the road ahead of time."

The department then deployed salt and sand trucks as soon as the wintry mix hit.

"Made our operations more efficient and kept the traffic moving a lot better," Walter said.

Walter said Mother Nature took it easier on the department this time around.

"If we would have had some colder temperatures and more precipitation, it would have been much more difficult to deal with, and we would have used a lot more material to gain the same results," Walter said.

Walter also gives a lot of credit to highway employees.

"At any given time, our whole district is out and that's about 225 people," Walter said. "It's a team effort because the trucks don't run without drivers, and they don't run long without mechanics, and the folks in the office gotta keep us stocked on fuel and supplies."

But now, these supplies are dwindling.

"When we run these trucks that long, our supplies aren't infinite," Walter said.

Walter said the district is nearly halfway through its supplies.

"Our suppliers have told us it's gonna be a few weeks before we can get restocked so we're hoping for warm, dry weather," Walter said.

If a winter storm would hit before then, the district can get salt and sand for the roads from its sister district in Wynne.

However, Walter said that is not ideal because these supplies are more expensive and harder to work with.

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