Craighead Co. Sheriff warns of "Grandson Scam"

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Craighead County Sheriff, Marty Boyd, has advised the public to be aware of a phone scam.

Sheriff Boyd said on Wednesday, a Jonesboro woman received a call from someone who claimed they were in a Mexican jail. The person asked the victim to send $1400 through Western Union and not to tell anyone. The victim told police that the person called her grandma. The name given by the caller did not belong to her grandson but she did recognize the name as a family friend from out of state.

According to police, the victim paid for a Western Union transfer for the requested amount. When she returned home, the grocery store where the transfer was made contacted her, telling her they believed she had been scammed and that she could come get her money.

The victim later called the family friend who had the same name the caller gave. He informed her that he was not out of the country. Authorities traced the call to an empty office building in Toronto Canada.

Police said this scam is commonly known as the "Grandson Scam." The suspects will search for a pattern in a victim's phone records and see where calls are regularly made to an out-of-state number. The suspects then hope that the names they are impersonating are relatives.

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