Litter of puppies abandoned during wintry weather

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A litter of puppies is lucky to be alive after they were abandoned in the wintry weather.

"Sweet little puppies...did not deserve to be left out in the cold like that," Michelle Hanson said.

As sleet and freezing rain started to fall Tuesday morning, The Humane Society of Independence County received word of the dumped dogs.

"There were puppies dumped in a box in front of a pawn shop up in Southside," Michelle Hanson with the Humane Society told Region 8 News.

Thankfully for those puppies, the store they were dropped off at was right across the street from the Animal Medical Center. They took them in until staff with the Humane Society could arrive to rescue them.

Though it's unknown exactly how long they were out in the freezing cold temps, it had already affected them.

"The pads of their feet were a little red and sore from being out in the snow and ice for so long," Hanson explained.

Hanson said originally, there were seven of the Beagle/Terrier mix puppies. The smallest, however, didn't make it.

"She passed away this morning...the rest of them seem to be healthy and doing pretty good today."

Now, these playful pups are looking for their "furever" home.

Hanson just wishes whoever dropped off these puppies would have come to them, as it is against Arkansas state law to leave behind, abandon or dump any animal.

"We do have a wait list that we ask everyone to go on...if it's an emergency situation, where you just really cannot take care of the puppies, then we will take them."

Hanson said these puppies will be adoptable by this weekend.

If you have information on who might have abandoned them, give the humane society a call at 870-793-0090.

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