Power restoration continues in Poinsett Co.

MARKED TREE, AR (KAIT) - Many northeast Arkansas residents are still without power after Tuesday's ice storm.

Craighead Electric's latest report revealed 1,600 customers are still without power.

Twenty-three crews were out Thursday trying to restore power, mostly in Poinsett County.

"It's been freezing," Tyronza resident Fredrick Meredith said. "It's been a little rough."

Meredith has been without power since the storm hit, and is now staying with his aunt and uncle in Marked Tree until it comes back on.

"I just thank God for my family being here and being able to take care of us at this hard time," Meredith said. "Thank God we have the light company here. They'll fix the power."

"It's just a slow go because of the conditions they're in," said Monty Williams with Craighead Electric. "Some of the guys yesterday were talking that they were bogging in mud nearly up to their knees, and then you've got equipment to get in there. If they were all right there on the side of the road where it wasn't muddy or anything, and the ice was off, it'd go a lot quicker."

Williams said Craighead Electric still has about 70 power poles down.

"We're hoping that number is gonna go down today, but the weather still isn't working with us because it's so cold, the ice is not melting off from the lines," Williams said.

Williams said this has caused the entire power-restoring process to almost triple in time.

"It may take three or four hours to do one pole," Williams said. "They have to go back and beat the ice off, and that just takes that much more time to get it back up and get it back on."

If you see a line down, Williams said stay away from it and leave it to the experts.

"If it's down where it's around public, we need to come and either get it up or turn it off because we don't want anyone getting hurt out there," Williams said.

Williams said if the electric service coming into your home is damaged, an electrician must fix it before crews can turn your power back on.

For the latest updates on power outages, check out Craighead Electric's outage map.

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