Cross Co. power outages continue

WYNNE, AR (KAIT)- The American Red Cross has opened an emergency shelter in Wynne for people needing a warm place to stay. 

Emergency Management Coordinator Rusty McClain said about 3,500 residents in Cross County are still without power.

"Right now we have got a mess on our hands," McClain said. "We started having trees down and lines down on Monday and since Monday we've had crews out mostly all day until dark."

He said they have been working non-stop to clear as many roads as they can.

"Crews are working, I think we have 12 crews here from out of state working," McClain said.

And for those residents who are still without power, the Red Cross has opened a shelter at First Assembly Church of God on Killough Street.

"People who don't have heat or electricity are more than welcome to come, at least 2 hot meals a day and a warm place to sleep," he said.

Mollie Parker with the Red Cross said this shelter provides residents with a warm place to sleep and a hot meal.

"We noticed in Wynne that we many people who didn't have a warm home, the power was out and  we wanted to make sure we had a warm place where they could come get a warm meal and a place to sleep that's warm," she said.

Parker said if you are planning to come to the shelter, there are a few things you should pack.

"Medical prescriptions anything, think about when you wake up in the morning what you need when you wake up, get that in a bad and get a pillow," she said. "If you have kids that you are bringing with you, maybe some quiet activities for them to play with."

Other items the Red Cross suggest you bring to the shelter are:

-Prescription medication

-Medical supplies (diabetic, asthma, etc.)

- Dentures/hearing aids

- Glasses/contacts + solution

-A change of clothing

-Pillow, blanket

-Pack of diapers, extra clothes for babies

- Baby formula/food


- Quiet toys, games for kids and adults

- Extra batteries for electronic equipment + ear plugs/headphones


- Phone charger

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