Snow days lead to sick kids

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This time of year is always busy for a doctor's office, but with winter weather causing schools to cancel, doctors have seen an up-tick in sick children.

Dr. Doug Maglothin with NEA Baptist Hospital, said children that have been cooped up in home during those snow days may have something to do with it.

"I saw a lot of respiratory sickness," said Maglothin. "I've also seen some bronchitis and sinus symptoms that just seem to want to linger on."

Maglothin also noticed one sickness that seems to be making its rounds.

"I saw several strep throat and most of these were in kids," said Maglothin. "Most of those kids have brothers and sisters, and with the weather kind of cooping everybody up in the home, that can get passed around."

With more winter weather on its way in the week ahead, there are some things to remember and to have on hand.

"Always remember good hand washing, and I think the hand disinfectants are good to have around the house," said Maglothin. "Remember to drink plenty of water because you can get real dehydrated this time of year."

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