Community of Good Neighbors Comes to Tornado Victims Aid

October 22, 2004--Posted 6:00 pm CDT

Peach Orchard, Clay County--Just a week ago Juanita Miller was preparing to get married.  Then early this week a tornado destroyed her home.  Almost everything was destroyed.  “When we got there I was just in shock,” Miller says, “the entire house was gone.”  But in her moment of need Miller and her fiancé were shocked by the selfless giving of good neighbors across Peach Orchard.


“This community is good in helping in cases like this,” long time Peach Orchard resident Ethell Gillean says, “We have always been like this.”  Refrigerators, televisions, plates and cups, and even clothes have all been pouring in from the small community of less than 200 people.  Even neighboring communities are helping Miller out.


“We are very thankful, people we do not even know have been helping us out.” Miller says.  If you would like to help you can drop off items at the Peach Orchard Fire Department, or if you have a money donation you can drop it off at any First Community Bank in the name of Juanita Miller.


Juanita wears a size eight and wears a medium shirt and size eight and a half shoe.  Her fiancé Billy wears a 34 by 34 size pants a large shirt and size ten and a half shoe.