People cope with cold weather

JONESBORO, AR  (KAIT) - It has been a winter to remember across Region 8 with temperatures that are well below average this year.

The cold weather has everyone staying indoors and trying to stay warm except for those who have to be outside for work.

Brian Arford works for the Arkansas Highway Department and was out replacing signs today that had fallen on the side of the road.

Arford said, "Just wear a lot of warm clothes.  Insulated work gloves, insulated work boots, long johns, anything you can put on you.  You know, you kind of get used to being out here so you know what to expect.  The right stuff to buy, stuff for your ears, or whatever to help you keep warm through the winter."

Arford wasn't the only one out and about today dealing with the cold weather.  Postal worker, Doug Bleven was out dealing with the cold temperatures as well.

Bleven said that its been one of the worst winters that he can remember.

He said some of the hardest things he has had to deal with this winter are "slipping, and falling, and just trying to stay warm."

The winter of 2014 will be one to remember as one with cold temperatures that kept people indoors, except for those who had to be working out in the frigid temperatures.

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