Trumann Police Department hires first woman officer, Blytheville native

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) -  There is an unfamiliar face patrolling the streets of Trumann.

Patrolman Melissa Duran is new to the city and brings a new look to the Trumann Police Department because she is the first woman to serve on the force.

"It's pretty comical when you come in and people see a female. They take double looks at you and I think some of them are kind of shocked," she said.

Even though she is a new face to Trumann, Region 8 is home. Her career started in Blytheville where Duran grew up.

"I started in Blytheville in 1995. I was there until about 2002. During my time in Blytheville I was a member of the SWAT team."

From Blytheville, where she said she was the only woman on the SWAT team, she went to Atlanta.

"While in Atlanta I was a member of the gang unit, did some undercover work with them. I dabbled a little bit in (the criminal investigation department)," she said. "Hopefully, I can bring some bigger city experience in and open a couple of doors, just having the female touch in a way."

She does understand that being the first woman officer to serve the city is a significant milestone, but her main concern is actually doing the job.

"I think in every situation you have to prove yourself, but that's male or female officer," she said.

"Of course I'm only as good as the guys allow me to be, and so far they're a phenomenal police department."

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