Weather delays construction for Randolph County Nursing Home

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - A multi-million dollar project is underway in Pocahontas, yet mother nature has slowed progress.

The completion date for the new nursing home has been pushed back but county officials aim to have the building complete this year.

Already, quite a bit of work has been done on Camp Road in Pocahontas, but the project is still considered "behind schedule".

Groundbreaking for the new Randolph County Nursing Home took place in July.

Since then, mother nature has hindered construction.

In a project update for the facility from Randolph County Judge David Jansen, rainy weather followed by the active winter we've had has pushed the original completion date back twice.

With only 60% of floor slab having been laid thus far, officials are looking forward to better weather to avoid additional delays.

That being said, nearly all the utility work has been completed and roof framing is going up rapidly.

The new nursing home will replace an aging facility. The current building was built in the 60's and has expensive upkeep and maintenance costs. Twenty two additional bedrooms, four courtyards and other rooms at the new Nursing Home will allow for more residents and give them a safer place to call home.

Even though the project is behind schedule, change orders to certain products have significantly reduced the overall cost of the facility. It is now $57,000 under budget.

Current completion date is set for late October of this year.

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