Tips on how to handle bullying for parents

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Bullying has become an issue all across the nation. Although, it's so common parents are still wondering how to handle it.

Valley View Senior High Counselor, Catherine Williams, said even though it's difficult as a parent, do not take action into your own hands. Approaching the child or child's parents who is instigating the bullying, can cause more harm than good.

"You can get into legality stuff if you go to their property," said Williams. "There could be a scuffle or a fight caused by you just trying to stand up for your child."

Most of the time, the bullying is happening at school or it's taking place online, so Williams says let the school take action by being the mediator.

"We have steps that we use where we talk to the kids and we interview kids," said Williams.

As for what parents can do, Williams said explain to your child maybe why they're being bullied.

"Tell your children that often times kids that are bullying, they have their own sets of problems," said Williams. "Maybe something is going on in their life or at home, or they've been bullied before."

Erin Popejoy is a mom and said as a parent, you can use this experience to teach your child the importance of the golden rule.

"The most important thing you can do is let them express what they're feeling," said Popejoy. "Ask how does it make them feel when someone is mean to them, and then let them have that insight."

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