Police investigate 13 horses neglected and starved

SULPHUR ROCK, AR (KAIT)- The Independence County Sheriff's Department is investigating 13 horses that were neglected and starved in Sulphur Rock.

Detective Jeff Sims said he was contacted by the mayor of Sulphur Rock asking him to look into a group of horses that seemed to be in bad shape. From there, Sims has been trying to get the horses removed and find the person responsible.

"We found one deceased when we got here the first day and another one has passed since then," Sims said.

He said they are in the process of getting the horses removed from this property.

"It's kind of ridiculous to allow them to get in the shape that they're in but sometimes it's what you deal with," Sims said. "We have suspects on the case and they're working on it now."

Susan Moody has a history of rescuing horses and was contacted by Sims to help in this case.

"They look better now, for four weeks there have been volunteers come down and give them hay," she said. "They have been starved, they have not been fed."

Moody said she has never dealt with a case of this magnitude.

"I don't understand it, I've had cases where people cannot afford to feed their horses and they call for help. But then most other cases like this, this person could have gotten help," she said. "It angers me that a person will not step forward and say I need help and try to save these animals, if you own them you are responsible for them."

Sims said the next step is getting a veterinarian to do the required tests on the horses in order for them to leave the property.

"More than anything we don't want this to turn into a cemetery for horses," he said.

"If they test negative they can be removed from the property, if they are tested positive they will have to stay here," Moody said.

Sims says they are hoping to have the horses removed within a week's time.

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