A cheat meal can help stick to your diet

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Good news forall you diet goers with a sweet tooth. According to a recent study published inthe journal, Obesity Facts, allowing yourself a treat during the weekend mayhelp you stay focused on your weight loss goals during the week.

However, for some people the cheatmeal can do more harm than good for their diet.

"I'd have my cheat mealand would go from a 2,000 calorie diet plan, to a 6,000 calorie cheat day,"said Ryan Emery. "It did nothing but add more body fat to me."

Emery said in order tostay fit and healthy, he's said goodbye to the days of fatty foods.

"If I decide to go out toeat I'll go to Subway or get a baked meal," said Emery. "If I go to Chili's orsomething like that, I'll choose a baked salmon or something on the healthychoice menu."

However, Dustin Biggs with10 Fitness said he does recommend it for some people.

"If your hard corededicated and need to lose 20 pounds in 30 days, I probably wouldn't recommend acheat day," said Biggs. "It does help keep you on track though, because if youwork hard all week you can give yourself that reward.

Sticking to those healthymeals all week long can be tough. Biggs recommends preparing meals before theweek ahead, to keep you on track long-term.

"If one day out of theweekend you can prepare all your meals throughout the week, you're less likelyto cheat," said Biggs.

It's also important toremember that a cheat meal does not mean an entire cheat day. A full days worthof over loading on calories can ruin what you worked hard for during the lastseven days.

"If you have a whole cheatday, you're going to blow through 2,000 calories on just drinking sodas allday," said Biggs.

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