Caffeine for kids has become a concern

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - According to the Center for Disease Control, coffee and energy drink consumption in children and teens has become a concern. The study explained that although sodas are the main source of caffeine for children and teens, beverages like energy drinks and even coffee have become popular among young people.

Dr. Lowery Beck with Apache Drive Children's Clinic said if at all possible don't give your children caffeine. He said a sip here and there won't cause any harm. However, what it does is introduce the taste to them and that's what makes them want more of it.

"Even with a little bit with young kids, it's just going to speed everything up and cause hypotensions," said Beck.

With Energy drinks, Beck said he's seen it cause a lot of harm with teens. What's worse is that they consume them before working out, or some sort of physical activity.

"Hypertension is certainly one of them from a stimulant like that, and just the hyped up feeling," said Beck.

Once they start drinking them it's only a matter of time before they start drinking more of it.

"After a while your body starts to get tolerant to it," said Beck. "You have to drink more and more to retain that high."

Studies show that more young kids like and want to drink coffee beverages. Caffeinated drinks aren't the first options in mind for Laura Shepherd's kids. Most of the time, she opts for the healthier options.

"Usually we do water, juice or milk to be our first choices," said Shepherd.

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