Region 8 town prepares for severe weather

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT) - Severe weather season is approaching for Region 8 and one community has already put together preparations in case severe weather comes.

The town of Marmaduke has already put together their severe weather action plan for the community.

Lt. Shane Martin of the Marmaduke Police Department said "We as a community have become more aware because we now know that it can happen to us."

Marmaduke, AR is a town that hasn't been hit not just once by a tornado, but twice with one storm hitting the town in March 1st, 1997 and another hitting April 2nd of 2006.

Lt. Martin said that the town has learned from their mistakes with the past storms and have worked out a plan to be sure that the town stays safe when severe weather approaches.

"After the 2006 tornado the sirens became in place and the school also created the safe room which is utilized by the community after school hours." said Martin.

The school not only serves as a shelter, but Martin says it also serves as a focal point that the emergency crews can meet at, and disperse from.

The town has put in four tornado sirens since the last tornado that have been "strategically placed" in order to help word get out to the community.

Martin said that the school is not the only place to shelter if severe weather were to come through the area, "Another shelter that is used quite often is the basement of one of the church's here in town. The church itself is recognized by the Red Cross as an emergency shelter."

With all of these measures in place the town of Marmaduke is ready if a tornado were to touch down there again.

Contact your local emergency management operator or police station to be sure where you can go to be safe if severe weather were to strike your town.

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