CDC launches new campaign on vehicle child safety

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Accordingto the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the major cause of child cardeaths was failure to secure the child with a seat belt or using a car seat.

Cpl. Sheridan Watts withJonesboro Police said he's worked many accidents where a child was notrestrained at all or improperly buckled up.

"Children who are notrestrained at all risk being ejected from the vehicle, or the vehicle rollingover them and things of that nature," said Watts. "We've seen that here inJonesboro."

Watts said nationalstatistics show that 85 percent of kids are buckled in wrong, but he believesthat percentage is even higher based on what's he noticed at car seat safetyclinics.

"Anytime there is aharnessing error or something like that and the child isn't properly buckledin, then you're going to see a head injury or a spinal cord injury," saidWatts.

The right car seat canmake all the difference when it comes to protecting your child.

"All seats have to meetthe minimum motor vehicle standards, but they need to get the one that fitstheir child, fits in the vehicle correctly and one that can be easily used everytime," said Watts.

Valerie Ponder is a localmom who said properly installing car seats can be frustrating, but it's worthit if it's protecting your child.

"Don't let a moment offrustration take your child's life from you," said Ponder.

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