Dad concerned about trash dumped near his home, asks for answers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A dad in Region 8 asks for answers after trash started to roll into his yard.

Eddie Bowman said when he got home on Tuesday afternoon, he found trash both inside a ditch and on the county road that led up to his house. The house is located just off Highway 18 near Jonesboro city limits.

He noticed the trash consisted of items from a dentist office. "My first thought was that it was regular trash and then when I got to seeing the rubber gloves and the gauze and the masks I knew it was some kind of medical disposal or something," said Bowman.

While our crews were on scene we did find a piece of gauze with a small amount of blood on it.

"I thought [and] I was afraid there might be needles and stuff," said Bowman. "With the kids running around I was afraid of them getting a hold of something or stepping on something and it really worried me."

Bowman said he found papers from the dentistry service, Marquis Mobile Dental Services, among the trash.

He said he believes the trash may have fallen out of the vehicle it was being transported in. Nonetheless, he still would like the service to take more precautionary measures in the future.

"I have friends that are EMT's and paramedics. I know they take great care and keep that stuff put up and disposing of it, but I don't think it looks like it was done this time."

We found that a dentist from the Marquis Mobile Dental Service visits the Pocahontas nursing and rehab about every three months, and could have possibly disposed of the material somewhere close to Jonesboro.

Region 8 News reached out to the dentistry service, they shared this statement.

"As a representative from Marquis Mobile Dental Services, I would like to say that we have been in service since 2008 and traveled over 1 million miles with our dental units.  We are as surprised by this as you are, our trash is disposed of at the facilities in the dumpsters.  Our medical waste is returned to our facility for disposal.  We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and would like to know how to make this right to you and your community since this has never happened to our company."

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