Police chief voices frustration over Jonesboro night club problems

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro Police Chief Michael Yates voiced his frustration at Tuesday night's city council meeting about a Jonesboro night club that's been the scene of many crimes over the years.
"I promise you, someone is going to lose their life again at this location if it continues like it has continued year after year after year," Chief Yates said.
With an apparent lack of action from Little Rock, Yates is pushing for the city to address what has happened at En'Vision Night Club.
"We need to decide what we're gonna do and we need to do it," Yates told council members Tuesday night.
Yates addressed what he calls an "ongoing problem" at En'Vision in Jonesboro. Multiple infractions have occurred over the years and the most recent resulted in loss of life.
22-year-old Xavier White was shot and killed in the parking lot of En'Visions in November of last year.
Yates told the council that little to nothing has been done by the ABC Board in regards to that shooting. He said he's contacted them multiple times yet, said they were under the impression En'Visions was closing.
"So no action has been taken."
Now, Chief Yates is urging the city to move forward in addressing the issues at En'Vision Night Club before more fatalities occur.
"I don't want that to happen and I sure don't want one of these people sitting back here who work for me to be the one that loses their life because of the foolishness that goes on in this particular location," Yates said addressing roughly fifteen to twenty Jonesboro Police officers.
Councilman Chris Moore agreed with Chief Yates, stating the actions of the city council are independent of the ABC Board.
"We don't have to wait for them to act, we can act on our own," Moore said. "We've now had someone killed in that parking lot and taken no action."
Owner of En'Vision Night Club, Reginald Prunty was not at the city council meeting this evening to address the issue as well.
Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin said the city has been waiting to take action against En'Vision because they were waiting for the ABC Board to address the issue. Perrin said he'll contact the director of the ABC Board tomorrow to see what action, if any, they are going to take and when.
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