Learning to Lose with the Power of Prayer

Spring is just around the corner. The triumphs and disappointments of last years football season are forgotten. Training for a new year is already underway. Nettleton junior high coach Steve Clayton puts his players through spring drills in hopes of having a better season next year. Clayton knows the ups and downs of athletics... losing nine games last year. He also knows the ups and downs of life... losing his first wife, Renae to cancer. Clayton says, "That was the most internal conflict I had was understanding why she was gone and I was still here."
    Coach Clayton describes himself as intense. He says it took Renae's death, to make him stop and focus on dealing with disappointment and the other aspects of his spiritual life."That's the first time, that I really felt like I had an intimate relationship with the Lord, because I would go to him in prayer, and I was upset that it took something like this, not to say my first prayer, but to really develop an intimate relationship with the Lord."
    Walking off the field after a loss is difficult, but coach Clayton knows he'll have another chance. In the game of life,nothing is that certain. But thanks to his faith and the power of prayer Steve Clayton has been given another chance to be a husband and a father.
   Steve knows his wife Karen and son Chris are true example of the power of prayer. "You look at my wife now, she's God sent and I have a son and another son on the way. That's got to be the biggest answer to any prayer that anybody could have, just to go home to that family every day, and my mom lives here in town and her watching my son some of the time... stuff like that's just priceless"