Storms leave damage in Deering, MO

DEERING, MO (KAIT) - A Bootheel community saw significant damage due to Thursday afternoon storms.

"In Deering, we had quite a bit of damage. Straight-line winds turned a trailer over and landed on a top of a vehicle with three people trapped inside," said James Brimhall with Pemiscot County Emergency Management.

"We managed to get them out with minor injuries and bruises, a few lacerations and stuff. By being elderly we called an ambulance out to come out and treat them."

He said the damage is county-wide, but county officials do not yet know the severity of the damage.
"Been quite a bit of damage in the county. Over around Cottonwood Point one house was completely demolished, power lines down, trees down, and I don't know the extent of the damage in the county yet, but far as I know nobody was seriously injured."

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