Republican Rally Attracts Big Crowd In Jonesboro

October 25, 2004--Posted at 10:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--"Well, I think our main goal is to make sure no voter is left behind,"said Governor Mike Huckabee.

"The objective here is to energize the Republican core, and to remember how important it is to spread the word,"said Lieutenant Governor Win Rockefeller.

In Jonesboro Monday evening, Governor Huckabee and Lt. Governor Rockefeller urged fellow Republicans to reach out to those who have yet to make up their mind in this year's election.

"That's part of what gets preached to the choir in these next few days. If you know somebody down the street who you have talked to, and their on the fence, well tell them A, B, C, and D and get them to vote for President Bush or Senator Kerry. You would expect that kind of rhetoric now,"said Political Analyst Jim Burton.

Both campaigns are targeting those swing voters, and supporters say now is the time for Republicans to band together in order to reach the same goal.

Supporters say they will work tirelessly, doing their part to keep George Bush in Washington for the next four years.

"I would rather have a president who would take an unpopular position because he believes he could protect America, rather than one who uses political polls to decide what he believes,"said Huckabee.