Pocahontas High School prepares students for after graduation

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) – One Region 8 community is making sure their seniors are prepared to handle the financial choices they will have to make after graduating.

Students from Pocahontas High School participated in the "Ready, Set, Graduate" Program on Friday. This was a one day, intense financial management program designed to help prepare seniors for financial success.

Students were given a budget and then had to make crucial decisions about housing, transportation and bills.

Senior Staci Wiseman said she learned several new things during the program. "We learned the importance of having good credit and like how to budget and financing," said Wiseman. "I was surprised by how much utilities and stuff like that cost."

The Randolph County Extension Office, Black River Technical College, Jump Start Coalition, and local businesses all worked together to make the event possible.

Over 90 students participated in Friday's program.

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