Free class teaches people how to manage medication

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A free Lunch and Learnclass was held at St. Bernard's Health and Wellness Center Friday to teachpeople how to manage their medication.

Patient Safety OfficerBeth Murff said not keeping up with your meds could lead to serious medicalissues. More often than not, people don't stick to the advice of their doctor.

"Every physician visit youmake, you need to take an accurate list from all the other physician visitsbecause if the physician doesn't know what you're on they can't accurately treatyou and could cause harm," said Murff. "We may need to give you a medication tosave your life.  But if there's amedication on board that we're unaware of, that medication can actually harmyou.  And so, interactions are huge"

Murff said this is whyit's so important to keep that complete list of all your medications and dosageamounts with you at all times.

She also said to take yourmedications only as the doctor has prescribed them. Don't change your dosage onyour own. Don't stop taking any of your medications on your own, and don't takeother people's medications.

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