15 gallons of herbicide seep into Jonesboro neighborhood

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Craighills Place in south Jonesboro was closed well into the night on Friday following a chemical spill in the neighborhood.

Crews responded to the scene just off Harrisburg Road around 2:30 this afternoon after an unknown-yellow substance was seeping from the ground onto the roads.

That liquid was later determined to be Treflan, a common herbicide generally used by farmers that provides long-lasting control of many annual grasses.

Farmers use just a quart per acre of farmland, however fifteen gallons spilled into the street and yards in the area.

David Moore with the Office of Emergency Management told Region 8 News it was not a malicious act. The spill happened when a man on a neighboring street had a small fire going on his property.

"It got away from him and it set some wood around the containers on fire which melted them and that's what created the leak," Moore said. "It didn't take long once it hit the ground and started moving then it went off down the hill at a pretty good rate."

Though there wasn't a health threat to people in the area, Moore said the ground the herbicide seeped into will more than likely have to be dug up.

"The way it's made, even if it laid there and dried up, if it rained again then it would reactivate and start in again so it's gonna have to be taken out," Moore explained.

Many agencies responded to the scene including Jonesboro Police and Fire Departments, the Jonesboro Fire Department Hazmat team, the Office of Emergency Management, the Craighead County Sheriff's Department, the County Environmental Agency and the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

"It seems like a lot of people but we're wanting to coordinate and make sure that we have the best information possible that way we can do this all at one time and make sure it's taken care of."

The cleaning crew is waiting until Saturday morning to assess the damage done to the yards in the area.

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