Caraway residents remain positive despite building demolitions

CARAWAY, AR (KAIT)- It's been almostfour months since a tornado hit Caraway Halloween night, and the damage itcaused now leaves a historic street left with nothing but empty lots.

"It's like I'm in anotherworld," said Resident Demetra Pearson. "It's like a big part of our lives aregone."

Demetra Pearson has calledCaraway home her entire life and if she knows anything about her hometown, it'sthe good people that will keep it going.

"A town is made up ofpeople and the people are all still here," said Pearson. "We're still a town wejust don't have the buildings."

However, it won't be longbefore a new generation of buildings will be built.

"We know that there isgoing to be some rebuilding and some new stores," said Pearson. "One of themwill be Western Auto, Lynn and Betty Haags place. "

Pearson said letting theirsmall town dwindle isn't in the cards for Caraway. They plan on continuing itsgrowth by sticking together.

"I think we're people thatwon't let that happen," said Pearson.

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