New business could bring 600 chicken houses to Corning

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - Corningcan expect more than just part of a $165,000,000 Poultry operation to come to Region8. Arkansas Business News reports Peco Foods is looking to build 600 chicken housesin Corning, that's in addition to a planned processing facility in Pocahontas.

"The need is there," saidresident Sherry Heck. "The need is there for jobs."

Clay County's unemploymentrate is 12.2 percent. People are hoping the new coops will help theirstruggling town.

"There are so many peopleout of work and Corning is dying bad," said resident Debbie Hewett. "It used tobe we had everything here and now we have nothing."

However, there is oneconcern that has people holding their breath.

"I think the smell will bebad," said Heck. "That's the only thing I'd be worried about."

It's not decided whereexactly these chickens will go, but location might make a difference.

"If they located it out oftown a little bit, it won't make the whole town smell," said Hewett.

The smell might stink, butresidents are hoping it will be worth it.

"If it brings more jobs Iguess I'll learn to deal with it," said Heck.

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