The cost of winter

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This winter has been a rough one for Region 8 residents and businesses as well.

Some businesses in the area had a rough time keeping business up, while others had trouble keeping up with how much was coming in.

Cheddars restaurant was one of the places that were having a hard time getting people to come in.

Culinary Manager Joseph Ciaramitar at Cheddars said, ""With the ice and the snow storm that came out we saw less travel from some of the area people so of course a slight decline in business."

Ciaramitar said that the winter weather wasn't just keeping customers from the restaurant but the employees had trouble getting to work as well when the roads were covered in snow and ice.

Even though some businesses were struggling, some had business booming.

Chris Ayers with Gateway Tires said, "We've stayed pretty busy throughout the bad weather."

Ayers said that they had people coming in for new batteries, new tires, and just general maintenance.

Ayers also mentioned that when the roads were bad that they did see less business than usual.

Winter isn't over yet but both Cheddars and Gateway Tires say that business is now back to normal.

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