Justice says Craighead County is in 'good shape'

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Craighead County Justices of the Peace updated the quorum court on the progress of Bono Lake and other projects in the county on Monday.

Justice Barbara Weinstock shared expense reports with the rest of the court, summarizing the Capital Account for the county.

Weinstock stressed that though there have been issues with Bono Lake, there is more going on within the county.

"What I'm getting from my constituents is mainly negative comments about the Bono Lake," said Weinstock. "We apologize for the Bono Lake. It's not often we get to build a lake. Bono Lake isn't the only thing going on in the county. The county has had some very positive things happen in the past five to six years."

Weinstock also explained that during that time period, the county has built multiple buildings including the County Election Annex, the County Health Department and an addition to the jail.

Weinstock told Region 8 News she wants residents to know that Craighead County is in wonderful condition.

She said the county capital fund has about two million dollars and is a reserve and not for capital expenditures. She explained that means those two million dollars don't have a dedicated project to be spent on and that is why she knows the county is doing well.

"We are in great shape and I want people to be proud that they live here and feel like we are doing a good job."

While presenting her report to the Craighead County Quorum Court Weinstock added to her previous statement and said, "This county tries its very best to make sure it stays that way and I believe this board does too."

The next Quorum Court meeting is scheduled for March 24. Justices are expected to discuss the Bono Lake more at that meeting.

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