Wildfires start ahead of season in Arkansas

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas has seen an increase in wildfires this year and the spring wildfire season hasn't even started yet.

The amount of wildfires has kept the Arkansas Forestry Commission busy on trying to keep people informed and protect people from wildfires.

The Arkansas Forestry Commission sent out a tweet earlier that said "Arkansas wildlife activity over January and February of this year will most likely break records."

Director of Emergency Management in Craighead county David Moore said that wind has been a major issue and that even though the ground may be wet, the grass is dry, which can cause fires to spread quickly.

According to Craighead county Forestry Manager Mark Graveel most of these wildfires start out as debris burns and they just get out of hand.

Both Moore and Graveel want to remind everyone that conducting a burn when under a burn ban is a fineable offense and is taken seriously.

If you need to conduct a burn or see if there is a burn ban in your area contact your local Forestry Commissioners office at arkfireinfo.org

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