High school taken online a new option for some

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-With the flexibility and convenience, online classes have become more popular among college students. But one local student chose the keyboard over the classroom early by enrolling in online classes her junior year of high school.

Jill Kary said it wasn't long ago that her daughter came to her and asked if she could finish high school online.

"Oh, I said no, I really didn't want her to leave school," Kary said. "I thought that she would be missing out on all the school dances and she would be missing out on school graduation, being with her friends, she's a very sociable person."

But eventually Kary changed her mind.

"She was not happy, she was not getting anything out of school," she said. "She was very gifted and I felt like school was holding her back. I wanted her to be able to work at her own pace so then I started researching."

After doing some research, Kary found the International Virtual Learning Academy, a charter school based in California.

"She felt more independent, she was able to work a job. She could work at night if she wanted to and do other things during the day," Kary said.

But it also came with a price.

"She did have teachers who came online and gave her instructions but as far as research she was on her own, she didn't have other kids to work with her and other brains to pick," she said.

Kary said she believes online school will become more and more popular.

"Popular as bullying becomes worst, as gang membership keeps happening in the schools, in the hallways, shootings that sort of thing," she said. "Parents are concerned."

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