County roads cause confusion during emergency response

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Giving the right location in the case of a fire can make all the difference when it comes to saving lives. However, incidents on county roads in Craighead and Greene County have caused some confusion.

Volunteer fireman, Bill Tripp said confusion on the fire front can happen when a cell phone makes the call.

"There's no real good way of locating a cell phone, "said Tripp. "It might be on a county road or in the middle of a pasture."

The miscommunication can be as simple as what county the emergency is located.

"There's a county road 739 in Greene County as well as a 739 in Craighead County, and that's where the confusion comes from," said Tripp.

E911 Director, Jeff Presley said there's a website called Smart911 that can effectively and accurately make all the difference.

"If you add information in there about your home and directions, it can save your life," said Presley.

It's a simple, private and free way of using your cell phone, that will make sure the closest fire department and medical personnel arrive at the right location.

"To ensure you get a proper response, build that Smart911 profile with family information and medical information," said Presley.

For a link to the Smart911 website click here.

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