Residents hope "Clash of the Ozarks" helps Hardy tourism

Clash of the Ozarks

HARDY, AR (KAIT) - A new television show has shot Hardy into the national spotlight.

The Discovery Channel debuted its newest show Tuesday night, "Clash of the Ozarks," based in Hardy.

The show takes viewers into the lives of two frontier families who are at odds over a land dispute.

Many Hardy residents said they heard there was going to be a show, but had no idea what it would be about. After it premiered Tuesday night, residents said they had one word for it: entertaining.

However, they want people to know that the reality of Hardy is a little different than this scripted reality show.

"Spring River is a great opportunity for visitors to come here," Main Street Hardy executive director Al Corte said. "We have a gorgeous park here with the zip line, we have the river that extends from here up to Mammoth Springs for canoeing, kayaking and camping. There's a lot of things to see and do in Hardy, Arkansas."

Corte said viewers nationwide can see Hardy's local flare, but they have to come to the city to feel it. Other locals shared similar sentiments.

"If they talk to anybody here, they're going to discover that southern friendliness and the charm of just the people that have moved here from other places," Hardy Pottery owner Dale Maddox said.

"Keep an open mind. I think there are lots of things they would appreciate about Hardy if they came to see it," Horton's Music owner Dennis Horton said.

These residents are not complaining about the national attention the show is bringing to Hardy. They said they just hope it will draw people in, more than scare people away.

"It's going to be watched by millions of people. It may not be the story that people want to see told about Hardy, but it's a story, and it'll bring the name of Hardy, Arkansas and a lot of familiar faces here," Maddox said. "Most of the people know the characters involved and I think it'll be a great interest."

"We hope they will see what the Ozarks looks like first and come down and enjoy our part of the world," Horton said. "If it shines a spotlight on Hardy, I can't see that that could hurt anything."

They hope visitors from around the country come to Hardy not only for its interesting characters, but its rich history.

"They're going to want to come here and meet some of the real people that are here, ask them some questions, and maybe meet the characters of the show," Maddox said.

"We have a long history of people coming here for tourism since the 1900s," Horton said. "I think those folks that are from other places, who are looking at us, will discover those same things."

Residents said Hardy has never been the subject of this kind of national attention before.

Corte said the city will see if the show's publicity worked in a positive way once the busy season starts in spring.

"We're hoping that people see the show, are attracted to Hardy and come enjoy the festivities we have here," Corte said. "It's just a great opportunity for Hardy to have national recognition on a very entertaining show."

To learn more about the area, visit the city of Hardy website.

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