Jonesboro Mayoral Campaign War Chests Revealed

October 26, 2004 --Posted 5:21 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- Campaign contribution and expenditure reports are due, and K8 News takes a look at who's financing the candidates for Mayor of Jonesboro.

Some candidates running for Mayor of Jonesboro have accumulated quite a war chest in their quest for the office. Campaign contribution and expenditure reports show exactly who's supporting them and how they've spent their money.

"You can rarely catch cheating, but you can perhaps deter," said Political Science Professor Dr. Richard Wang.

Dan Pierce has raised the most money at over $96,000. He has over $10,000 left. Pierce has received 48 $1,000 dollar contributions from people such as Bruce Burrow, Daniel Warmack of the Indian Mall, Wallace Fowler, Councilman Alec Farmer, and a smaller contribution from State Senator Jerry Bookout. Pierce has spent the majority of his money on advertising, and he's the only candidate to spend thousands of dollars on polling.

"Some voters would prefer to have candidates that raise lots amounts of money, potentially showing widespread support," said Wang. "Other voters may be uncomfortable with that."

Then there's Doug Formon in second place with over $13,000. He's got a little over $1,000 left. Formon's only received a few thousand dollar contributions from Jenkins Law Firm and Stack's Architectural Firm.

Kevin Rhodes comes in next with $5, 600. Rhodes has financed his own campaign and records show he has nothing left.

Then there's Paul Bednar. He's raised over $2,000, with $200 left. The majority of his contributions come from retirees, at $100 dollar sums.

Finally there's Butch Herring. He's raised $1,300 and records show he's almost $5,000 in debt. His largest contribution comes from J.W. Sharp with NEA Fuel Sales at $500.

Travis Moore and Greg Cowles are the only candidates who did not have their campaign contribution and expenditure reports in when we obtained information for this story.