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Pocahontas, AR - Shannon Johnson

Archeologists Dig Up an Old Town

Pocahontas, AR - You've probably never heard of Davidsonville, Arkansas.  The small town was a metropolis back in the early 1800's.  Even though the town doesn't exist anymore, she still whispers.

When our nation was less than 50 years old, Davidsonville was a bustling town.   Business was always good because it was near a key transportation route.  But 15 years later, the county seat moved and so did its people.

Today, Davidsonville has become the Old Davidsonville State Park in Pocahontas.  Even though the little town didn't make it, archeologists want to know more about it.

"There's a lot known about important historical figures and politicians.  We're just trying hard to find out about regular people and how they lived," said archeologist Kathy Cande.

There are no buildings standing and historical records can only take you so far.  But nothing can tell you more about a person like their trash pit, which is what archeologists are digging through.   They're finding what they ate and what kind of activities they did.

"Every time I come down, they show me a small piece of porcelain or glass and I get all excited.   Of course, they're used to seeing it all, but this puts a whole new meaning to one man's trash is another man's treasure," said Park Superintendent Donna Spaght.

Davidsonville is known for one treasure in particular.   It's the site of the first post office in Arkansas.  As archeologists continue to find these kinds of treasures, it's not hard to see the importance of learning about people who helped establish the American dream.

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