DEVELOPING: Electric companies plan for another round of ice

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- As another winter storm heads for Region 8, Craighead Electric and Entergy are taking steps now to prepare for another round of ice on the roads and power lines.

Both electric groups says they are approaching Sunday as they would any other storm in the past.

"We're planning for the worst but hoping for the best," said Justin Etter, communications coordinator with Craighead Electric Cooperative.

"We'll just have to wait and see how it develops," said David Burnette with Entergy.

Both Entergy and Craighead Electric are taking steps now to prepare for what's coming on Sunday.

"All of our guys are on standby, all of our field crews, all of our office personnel are ready to go," Etter said. "We got contractors that are already in the area, helping us do some stuff so if we need extra assistance, then we can give them a call too."

He said they will have extra hands available in case things start to pick up.

"Trying to get everything put up quicker and restore power as quickly as possible and as safe as possible," Etter said. "Biggest contributing factors is going to be freezing rain and wind, that's what hurts us the most."

Burnette said their plan changed within just a few hours.

"It seems like it developed a little bit more intensely than our model showed yesterday," he said.

But whatever happens, Burnette said they are making sure they have the right resources available.

"We're having a state-wide conference call in Little Rock with the operations people, those responsible for gathering resources," said Burnette. "We have a lot of resources at our disposal."

Both crews are asking customers to prepare to be without power for a few days as a precaution.

"Know that we're there and we're ready to respond, as always safety first that's so big with us safety first," BUrnette said.

Both electric crews want to remind customers to never approach a down power line and to report any power outages.

To report an outage call:

Entergy: 1-800-9OUTAGE

Craighead Electric Cooperative:1-888-771-7772

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