No Spring Break for GCT, Noble confident waiver will be approved

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Once again, superintendents are keeping an eye on the forecast as another round of winter weather threatens to impact Region 8 over the weekend.

Greene County Tech has decided to go to school through Spring Break. As Friday was the last day to submit the waiver to the Department of Education for help with snow days, it might just be a good thing.

"The schools that didn't request the waiver, they're at the mercy of the weather now," GCT Superintendent Jerry Noble told Region 8 News Friday.

Noble explained that choosing to go to school through Spring Break to offset snow days was their best option as if the waiver is approved, their last day of school would be May 30 instead of June 9.

"Any days, future days that we might miss, would be waived," Noble said. "So basically what we've done is we've put a stop to idea of adding more days onto the end of the year."

With the threat of winter weather Sunday, more snow days aren't out of the question.

Noble said before they made the decision, they made sure enough teachers would be on hand and then had the Personnel Policy Committee put it to a vote.

"Overwhelmingly, teachers voted to have school during spring break," Noble said.

Noble said teachers who could prove they had plans in place were allowed to keep them. They will have to use personal or vacation days to make up the time off though. Noble said if they can't do that, they will be assigned a job over the summer to make up that time.

Allowances for students will be made too. "Basically it'll be an excused absence," Noble explained.

GCT Freshman Hannanh Scott says she and her friends are headed to Florida for Spring Break, "we've had this plan since before Christmas."

Scott said she's glad she won't be punished for sticking with those plans.

"Because I know I can make my work up and it won't affect my grades and it won't go on my record," she told Region 8 News.

Not everyone had Spring Break plans though. Jason Weatherford talked with Region 8 News as he was picking up his oldest daughter from school. He said they're okay with not having the week off and he's glad students will have a chance to catch up on work missed from previous snow days.

"For them to be willing to give that up and go to school and get things done before testing starts, we're really appreciative of that," Weatherford said.

Noble said they hope to hear back from the Department of Education in the next few weeks on whether their waiver was approved.

Noble said parents can expect a letter to be sent home with students next week regarding Spring Break and plans already in place.

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