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Industrial Service Exchange provides tool for manufacturing


The Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority has partneredwith the Savannah Economic Development Authority to introduce the IndustrialService Exchange.

The Industrial Service Exchange is an online tool designedto encourage regional economic development by providing easier communicationbetween manufacturers about new business opportunities.

 The ISE allows usersto post services they offer and services in which they are in need, and thetool automatically matches companies based on the information in each company'scustomized user profile.

Each company can create specific projects in their profile,including details of services needed, and the ISE sends notices to companiesthat match the project's specifications.

JohnScott, project manager at the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority saidin a statement, "There are numerous opportunities for the region'smanufacturers to work together, and I feel this initiative will create newbusiness opportunities and partnerships right here in the coastal Georgiaregion."

Largercompanies usually outsource common manufacturing jobs, instead focusing on morespecialized manufacturing processes, and many local companies can fulfill thosecommon manufacturing needs.

Scottwent on to say in a statement, "The Industrial Service Exchange gives existingmanufacturers the opportunity to thrive and grow. Site Selection Magazinerecently named Georgia as the number one state in which to do business and itsregional partnerships and initiatives such as ISE that keep Georgiacompetitive."

 For more information contactJohn Scott at or 912.230.6429.

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