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Accused dating site rapist arrested

Corderell Deundrea St. George (source: Columbus Police) Corderell Deundrea St. George (source: Columbus Police)

A Columbus woman has words of warning for anyone who uses dating websites.  

She tells police she was raped by a man while meeting him in person for the first time.

Just before 10 p.m. Friday, police confirmed they made an arrest in connection to the Feb. 5 incident.

Corderell Deundrea St. George is charged with rape and false imprisonment.

Police provided WTVM with pictures of St. George that they said came straight from his online profile

In an interview, the victim said the trouble arose after she found the man on a popular dating website, and arranged a face-to-face meeting at her house.

She said things began innocently enough. They were playing cards and the suspect even appeared to be shy.  Then out of nowhere, things turned to violence, and the woman said she found herself attempting to desperately escape her house. We're protecting the victim's identity due to the nature of the alleged crime.

"Because he raped me, he kept saying I was going to tell.  And then I bit him.  It was a big struggle. He choked me about five times. Every time I ran to the door to try and get out, he would grab me back - snatch me back - and choke me. If I didn't run out the door half naked to my neighbors, he was going to kill me."

The woman's neighbors escorted her back into the house to confront the suspect, but he escaped out a back door and left the scene on foot.

This incident serves as a lesson to anyone who has plans to meet someone on an online dating site.

Here is some advice from the experts:  

-Always make sure you are in a public place if you are meeting for the first time.  

-Tell a friend about your plans, and keep a cell phone nearby.  

-Avoid drinking and make sure you are driving your own car so you are not dependent on a ride.

In this reported situation, the victim met the suspect alone at her house.  There were several locks engaged on the front door that made it difficult for her to escape quickly when things got ugly.  The victim said she struggled free, and made it to the door several times, but that extra few seconds it takes to undo the lock was enough to let the suspect catch up to her, and pull her away.

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