Wintry mix covers roads, delays travel

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Police Department said more than 200 reports came in Monday related to vehicles stuck in this winter weather.

A thick layer of sleet on the roads, with a dusting of snow on top, delayed many drivers' commutes.

"Once I got over in the turn lane on Highland and Stadium, I got stuck there," Jonesboro resident Randy Warren said. "But one of our fine policemen pulled up behind me and pushed me out. I appreciated that."

Other drivers witnessed similar sights.

"People are getting stuck on the road and not even sliding off, just the ice and the snow compressed together," Jonesboro resident Marcus Johnson said. "It's bad."

"Some of the roads are like driving on gravel because the ice is frozen," Brookland resident Alva Neff said. "It's kind of rough."

These drivers said they had excuses to go out on the icy roads. 

"I had to come over to get some baby formula for my granddaughter," Warren said.

"I had to bring my granddaughter to work or else I wouldn't have been out," Neff said.

"I had to come and get groceries, then I'm coming right back home," Johnson said.

But if Region 8 residents do not have excuses, these drivers said stay home. 

"Stay in the house where it's warm," Neff said.

"Put on your Netflix, rent a movie, whatever. Don't come outside. It's too cold," Johnson said.

They said other drivers can also be the most dangerous part of traveling in this weather.

"If you don't know how to drive on ice, it could get pretty bad," Neff said.

"It's been horrible," Johnson said. "The roads are all slick. I've never seen anything like this. I've never heard stories of anything like this. It's just thick-packed ice."

The sun melted some of the wintry mix during the day, but refreezing will be the biggest issue for drivers Monday night.

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