Tracking icy roads around Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - For many drivers this round of winter weather seemed to be the most difficult to get around.

"This is probably the worst I would say because I've never seen it sleet like that," said Driver Gina Ballow. "I would say this is second to the ice storm we had a couple of years ago."

Below freezing temperatures caused much of the sleet to freeze over. However, road crews were up early clearing the streets.

"There are some slick spots on Parker but if you take it slow, you will be alright," said Ballow. "There was a sand truck this morning so they were already sanding the roads and stuff."

The trip from Dalton to Jonesboro for one driver took much longer than usual.

"I was going about 35 on the highway," said Driver Nick Engle.

He noticed several of the accidents were caused by drivers who failed to slow down.

"People were sliding off into ditches because mainly they were going too fast," said Engle.

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