Good Samaritans help motorists stranded for days on I-55

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Poor road conditions have stranded hundreds of motorists in Region 8. Most, along I-55 in Mississippi County.

"We were all the way in Missouri on foot just walking," Shondra Wright told Region 8 News.

Wright, however was not a stranded motorist along I-55, but one of many who tried to ease the suffering of those who have been stuck in traffic for hours because of bad roads.

"You had people who had been stranded for two days, since Sunday, and you had some who just recently became stranded, maybe like two to three hours," Wright said. "We walked the highway, we walked up and down the highway," she said.

Wright and dozens of others from Blytheville area churches and organizations spent hours walking along I-55 bringing food and water to those stranded motorists.

"Everybody was like "oh, it's so bad, don't go out there" and I just could not do that, my heart really went out to those people," Wright explained.

She told Region 8 News that she and a few family members went to Walmart to stock up on supplies. When the word spread, some showed up to help distribute while others, bought them more supplies to help them help drivers.

"We had stuff by the truck loads," she said. "It was just a blessing to see people willing to come out of their own pockets and say okay, I'm going to be a blessing to somebody else because they really could have kept their money and say 'okay, my family has to eat too, just like everybody else's family.'"

Instead, they helped complete strangers.

"I mean, total strangers, when I say they were just so grateful and thankful, we had people in tears and it just brought tears to my eyes."

Some were not accustomed to Region 8's generosity.

"We had one lady that stopped us and was like "can I take y'all's picture because you don't find people doing things like this! - She's from California," Wright said.

Wright explained she hopes this helps people realize where Blytheville's heart is really at.

"We have some good hearted people here in Blytheville. We wanted to show that Blytheville is more about just killing each other and downing each other we're about coming together like a family should."

Wright said they weren't going to go home if they still had supplies to hand out. After helping out those stranded motorists, Wright said they visited some of the elderly communities in the area and brought them supplies too.

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