Day 3: Slick roads in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's been difficult to clear the roads during this round of winter weather for Jonesboro's road department.

“We've been working 24 hours around the clock,” said Superintendent of the Road Department Steve Tippitt. “We keep rotating until we get caught up.”

The constant melting and refreezing has caused road crews to revisit the same roads.

“When it warms up it glazes over and when it freezes, it’s just like black ice,” said Tippitt. “The only thing we can do is sand it, because you can’t cut with the plows or anything.”

The highly traveled roads are first priority, which has made clearing side roads and neighborhoods difficult to finally get to.

"Roads that get into the downtown area, we start on them first,” said Tippitt. “With this storm that's all we've been able to work on.”

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