Highways may take longer to clear by the AHTD

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Region 8 road crews are still dealing with icy roads from the last winter storm. Most of the more popular roads have been clear but some of the major highways are still slick and dangerous.

"No I wouldn't dare get on them right now," said Phillip Harris, a Region 8 driver.

"I have tried to stay away from those highways just because I've heard bad things about them," said driver, Layla Fisher.

Drivers are staying clear of the major highways until they are told they are safe to travel.

"Just tried to stay on the main roads like Stadium and Caraway," Fisher said.

"It's bad, it's bad so I really haven't been going anywhere," said Harris.

Walter McMillan with Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department said the highways are their priority areas but they have to make several passes before they can clear them.

McMillan said today they plan to focus on Hwy 63, Hwy 226 and Hwy 18. He said the thickness of the ice makes it difficult to clear the roads in one trip and the traffic on major highways makes it even more difficult.

"This is probably one of the worse ones because the ice is so thick it's like 2 inches," Harris said.

"It's definitely worse, I don't like this one," said Ronnie Burns. "It's like ten times worse than the last one."

"Unlike other people, I was taking it real slow so I haven't had any problems but I've seen a lot of other people slide off the road and stuff," Fisher said.

McMillan said they are trying to clear the highways then spread out to the more traveled roads.

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