What's next for schools out with more snow days?

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Public school students are required by law to spend 178 days in school. Nearly 50 Arkansas school districts have submitted a waiver to avoid making up several missed school days to meet that requirement.

This round of winter weather has caused several school districts to miss even more school days. Greene County Tech Superintendent, Jerry Noble, sent another waiver after the previous one he sent at the end of February, to hopefully drop the missed days they had this week.

"I feel like because we gave up spring break it will be approved," said Noble. "I'd be surprised if it's not."

If it's not approved, the district will continue to have class well into June.

"We'll end up going to school up until around June 15th," said Noble.

Noble said their plan is make up some of the 10 days during their spring break, and that the state drops the missed school days they had this week.

"In order to give the waiver the school district has to give up something, and so spring break was really all we could give up," said Noble.

The original Inclement Weather Waiver deadline was set for February 28th. The new deadline has been extended to March 7th.

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