Roof about to collapse in Poinsett County

POINSETT COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The damage reports from this ice storm are beginning to pile up in Region 8.

The roof of the shop building at the Poinsett County Landfill is about to collapse because the weight of the ice seems to be too much for it to handle. Poinsett County Judge Charles Nix said they will not repair this roof.

"You can't repair it.  I mean, it'll have to be replaced," said Judge Nix. "I see no reason to try to locate anywhere else.  I mean, this area is served well and I think we've got enough space to locate our building here, even if we decide to replace it with a little larger building."

Judge Nix said until the building is stable they don't want to risk anyone going inside. He also said the building is insured and an adjuster was on the way.

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