Wrecker services stay busy during winter storm

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There are clear roads for the first time this week on the highway department's road conditions map. It's one of the first signs that the affects of the winter storm are finally on their way out.

While the roads are better, they aren't perfect. Since Sunday, icy roads have kept the tow trucks running day and night. Hundreds of calls have gone out since Sunday night, and that's just here in Craighead County.

Ricky Mashburn and other tow-truck drivers have stayed constantly busy this week. Mashburn told Region 8 News he towed two vehicles before noon. We rode along for the third pick-up.

Mashburn said on average, that's how many he'd respond to in a week, not a day. Adding winter weather to the mix has made business boom

"I just started it in January and it's much busier than I thought we would be with it," he explained.

What's not as busy right now is his body shop. Though Mashburn has only been towing vehicles for a few months now, he's owned the Wreck Doctor body shop for years and said as towing slows down and body work will pick up in a few weeks.

"By the time the insurance is settled and people can get around - it's still hard to get around now."

Though the ice resulted in a lot of wrecks, it's the slow-going traffic that worked in many people's favor.

"They're not going fast enough to be real wrecks," Mashburn said.

He said he'll mainly be taking care of bumps and dents. Not every car is as lucky though. One showed up to the Wreck Doctor with a smashed in hood and a busted windshield.

"This one here was parked next to a building with a metal roof and the ice slid off the roof onto the car," Mashburn said. He explained it's something everyone needs to be cautious of.

"It can fall on you too, so people need to be careful about where they park."

Mashburn explained that tow jobs are divvied up between roughly 16 wrecker-services in Craighead County.

When tow-truck is requested through Jonesboro dispatch, they go through the list and call the next one in line.

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